Annett Gapstream

And a little Dark.

That’s her dream and interpretation of Techno. Annett Gapstream fills the room with passion. She regularly invites the audience to join her own special and mysterious music world. Step by step into a deep and melodic techno experience. A trip far away from typical codes of conduct or obsolete genre stereotypes. Surprising and imaginative sounds which are totally soft and floating in one moment and as straight and demanding as you can imagine the next. Energetic twists and wild insights in her electronic music mind will always keep the time on the dance floor diversified. In the end Annett Gapstream enjoys Deep Tech and Techno as long as it has a pumping basis and some kind of mystic melody. Feel free to join ♥

Around – By now Annett Gapstream discovered lots of places and filled many national and international clubs like Ritter Butzke, Rummelsbucht, Mensch Meier and Kitkat in Berlin, Rote Sonne in Munich, Weidendamm in Hanover or Bukowski in Heilbronn with her dynamic music. Kafes and Floor in Istanbul as well as gigs in London (UK), Thessaloniki (GR) and Austria always affect and form her way. Besides those clubs she contributed some dancing hours to numerous open airs, off party’s and festivals like Bucht der Träumer, Beats & Boats, Helene Beach, Deichbrand, Zurück zu den Wurzeln & Bergliebe in Austria.