Baba the Knife

Let's call it Deep Space Techno

Baba the Knife’s musical journey began as an Indie guitarist and bass player, gigging his weekends away in small-town basement clubs. Then came 60s, then Blues and finally, once he lost his heart to Berlin: electronic music. Techno is what stuck. Powerful, dark, let’s call it Deep Space Techno defines his style today.

Baba’s passion goes way beyond DJ performances though. He probably wouldn’t admit to it, but is a workaholic behind the scenes, frequently organizing raves, party series and large-scale festivals such as „Hans&Gloria“, „Monis Rache“, and recently „Bucht der Träumer“.

In 2013 he met notorious Schmeckefucks at a Berlin open air rave. They clicked immediately and soon after founded the Rebellion der Träumer collective, which has grown into a breeding pit of creative energy ever since, and recently kicked off their very own label.