Elias Doré

Rebellion der Träumer ist die beste Mischung aus musikalischem Sinn für Qualität und bedingungslosem Willen zur Eskalation.

Originally from Berlin, Elias Doré explored many facets of music by performing in various bands and genres, from Afro-Funk in Dakar, Klezmer and Gipsy in London to Reggae and Soul in Berlin, before fully immersing himself in electronic music. What has over time stayed with him is his love for melodic warmth and organic sounds.

Elias has been trusted to provide warmup support for artists of the like of Rampue, Nico Stojan, Mira, Nicola Cruz, Holger Hecler and many more. While he regularly plays in Berlins well known clubs such as Sisyphos or Katerblau, rising demand for his sets has also seen him perform in New York, Tunis, London, Zurich and around Germany.