Felix Schmeckefuchs

Severe but melodic,
melancholic but ecstatic,
complex yet hypnotic
and so slow that it is fast.
- Schmeckefuchs' sound unites these seeming opposites to form a unique whole that is tough to resist.

For Schmeckefuchs music is about bringing people together, tossing off the schackles of the system and feeling alive once and for all.

Schmeckefuchs sound is dark, percussive and so slow that it feels fast.

Felix Schmeckefuchs grew up in Göttingen, digging through his mum’s extensive vinyl collection – spinning around the house like a little derwish, when he could barely talk. From there it was a long road to arrive where he is now. His first encounter with electronic music culture happened in eastern germany’s post-industrial creative hub Leipzig. Later, living in the Middle East for several years, Schmeckefuchs started organizing parties in the Palestinian desert, on rooftops and in the hidden courtyards of Damascus. Moving to Berlin in 2010 he got involved with the Electronic Swing Orchestra, touring europe and releasing the Chaos Machine Album and Schlaraffenland EP on vinyl. Together with Baba the Knife he founded the event series Rebellion der Träumer, connecting techno to other genres and engaging in an ongoing cultural dialogue with the ravers. With his Solo-Project Schmeckefuchs has played major festivals like the Fusion, Tribal Gathering Panama, 3000°, Distortion and Garbicz, to name a few.

Schmeckefuch is currently teaching the art of music events at Universität der Künste Berlin with a focus on empowering refugee artists.