Severe but melodic,
melancholic but ecstatic,
complex yet hypnotic
and so slow that it is fast.
- Schmeckefuchs' sound unites these seeming opposites to form a unique whole that is tough to resist.

Schmeckefuchs is an ever-curious dancefloor researcher and musical quantum
engine, constantly pushing and testing the boundaries of what is deemed appropriate at
a rave. While his deep, energetic and percussive signature sound is easily recognized, he
loves to take the audience off guard when least expected and turn the dancefloor upside
down in a humorous twist.

As a co-founder of Rebellion der Träumer series and Bucht der Träumer* Festival he
has been known to host some of the most exquisite shakedowns, the Berlin rave
community has seen in recent years. Schmeckefuchs has performed on almost every
floor Berlin has to offer, including Kater Blau’s Heinz Hopper and Sisyphos‘ mighty
Hammahalle. Festival appearances at ФУЗИОН, Garbicz and Feel Festival are but a few
among many others.

As part of the Reclaim Club Culture Alliance Schmeckefuchs is tirelessly working to
keep the rave community conscious and organizes resistance against the global
authoritarian backlash, keeping the message of diversity and acceptance alive, that club
and festival culture has fostered since its very beginnings.